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Christian sarcophagus from Cemetary of St. Calixtus

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Christian sarcophagus from Cemetary of St. Calixtus

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Left side of Vatican Inv. 31535

A. Resurrection of Lazarus and supplication of Lazaruss sister (John 11:43).

B. Multiplication of loaves (The 5000: Mark 6:30, Matthew 14:15, Luke 9:13; the 4000: Mark 8:1, Matthew 15:32, possible reference to Old Testament multiplication-of-loaves stories, e.g. 2Kings 4:42).

C. Sacrifice of Isaac (Genesis 22:1).

D. Healing the blind (Mark 8:22, Bethsaida, Matthew 9:27, Matthew 20:29  Bartimaeus of Jericho, Mark 10:46  Bartimaeus, Luke 18:53  Bartimaeus, references to the blind leading the blind in Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Thomas and other noncanonical gospels).

E. Prediction of Peters denial (Matthew 26:57, Mark 14:53, Luke 22:54, John 18:13).

F. God with Adam and Eve (Genesis).

G. Moses removes his sandals at God's command (Exodus 3:4).

H. Healing the woman with an issue of blood (Matthew 9:19, Mark 5:25, Luke 8:43).

I. Jesus turns water to wine at Cana (John 2:6).

J. Jonah cast up from the sea monster's mouth (Jonah 2:11).

K. Daniel in the den of lions (Bel and the Dragon, Chapter 30).

L. Peter's arrest (apocryphal, e.g. Acts of Processus and Martinianus).

M. Peter strikes a rock with his wand, yielding water to baptize his jailers (apocryphal, e.g. Acts of Saints Processus and Martinianus).

From the Cemetary of St. Calixtus - 325-350 AD. Vatican Inv. 31535

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