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Seven-niche column-type sarcophagus (niches 1 - 4)

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Seven-niche column-type sarcophagus (niches 1 - 4)

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Niche 1: Sacrifice of Isaac.
Niche 2: Peter (?) with a scroll, possibly related to the traditio legis image in the center niche.
Niche 3: Paul (?) present for the receipt of the new Law by Peter, in niche 5. An unidentified man raises his right hand behind Paul.
Niche 4: Seated Christ with feet resting on the mantle of the sky-god Coelus. Christ is accompanied by two unidentified men (not Peter and Paul).
Niche 5: Peter receiving the new Law (?), accompanied by an the unidentified man from niche 3, who here again raises his right hand behind Peter.
Niche 6: Jesus with Pilates servant.
Niche 7: Pilate washing his hands.

Vatican inv. 31528

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