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Sarcophagus of Agape and Crescentianus

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Sarcophagus of Agape and Crescentianus

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Sarcophagus from the Vatican Necropolis - late 4th century. Vatican Inv. 31489, 31490. The front contains seven niches separated by spiral columns adorned by grape harvest imagery.

Sacrifice of Isaac
Moses receiving the law
Healing the blind boy
Prediction of Peter's denial
Woman with an issue of blood
Multiplication of loaves
Peter strikes a rock, yielding water to baptize his jailers

Left side of the lid shows Jesus with a scroll and the three youths in the fiery furnace. The left end (not visible) depicts original sin.

To my dearest wife, Agapene who lived with her husband fifty five years, one month and five days; and who was laid to rest on December 23. Crestianus made this when he was alive.

[Crestianus] (later) buried August 30 at the age of 101.

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